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PTSC Charter

The Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority ( and PSMFC have jointly established a PIT Tag Steering Committee (the Committee) to provide technical guidance for the PIT Tag Operations Center (PTOC).

The goal of the Committee is to coordinate implementation of PIT Tag tagging and interrogation systems and to provide a comprehensive Pit Tag database accessible to all interested parties in the Columbia River Basin.  The Purpose of the Committee is to:



Provide technical guidance for the field tagging, interrogation facilities and data management of the PIT Tag Operations Center.

Provide feedback to the PSMFC Executive Director for annual performance review of the PTOC.

Coordinate training for taggers and other field personnel involved with the PIT Tag tagging system as needed. Facilitate implementation of standardized tagging techniques to ensure high quality marking.

Establish system specifications and update annually to assure integrity and continuity of the data.

Provide coordinated recommendations to appropriate agencies on activities and programs that further the Committee's goals.

Identify and forward policy issues to FPAC (Fish Passage Advisory Committee) for resolution through the CBFWA.